USS Tomcat NCC - 62114 

Akira Class Marine Subtype Light Carrier/Support Ship


The USS Tomcat is an Akira Class ship, with a slight difference, while its armaments and defenses remain standard to some extent its evacuation capacity has been lowered to account for the extra fighter squadrons and Marines. The ship is commanded by an EX-Marine turned Fleet Officer Commander Jasmine Somers, her missions are different from other standard missions due to the load-out and set-up of her crew and equipment.

Currently the USS Tomcats Area of Operations is in the Alpha/Beta Quadrants, where like all members of Starfleet crews have to contend with the chaos in the aftermath of the Hobus incident, which destroyed Romulus and Remus. The Year is now 2390 and there are effectively two Romulan Empires, one being the "old Guard" Romulan Empire Led by a as yet unknown Romulan Praetor and the Romulan Republic who wish to go back to simpler times when there was no Tal'Shiar, this Empire has been trying to mend fences with all Alpha and Beta Quadrant Races and their Reman Brothers and Sisters. Amid all this there is the usual intrigue and machinations of the various Empires,  the Federation/Klingon Alliance is stronger than ever and both these Allies have stronger ties with the Romulan Republic and the Cardassian Republic. As with all major events and downfalls of Empires other organizations rise up to fill the void, this is clear with the Orion's leaving their space and venturing into  Federation Alliance Space and the space of the other Empires and kidnapping different people from all the Alpha and Beta Quadrants Species.

Any Klingon's Captured are placed in a combat area for the Orion's to have their bloodsport, but amid all this there are Orion's that obey the treaties set out and do not venture outside of Orion space, so telling the honest ones from the Pirates is hard. There are now also Rogue elements of both Tal'Shiar and Section 31 working together, for some reason two otherwise warring intelligence Agencies have found a common cause, while what is known is what is known, the is always a deeper reason as to why there is such an Alliance; but Commander Somers is well aware that events in the Hydaransz System is far from completed and sooner or later they will be set back into the system to bring it fully under Starfleets control and rid it of undesirables.

So come join the Tomcat Crew as they head out to the less explored regions of Federation Space in attempt to stop the Orion Pirate Slavers and both rogue Intelligence Agencies.


Season 2 Episode 2 :- The New Frontier will begin on 20th April 2015 on Nova. Link will follow when first post is posted.

Captain Jasmine Somers

Commanding - USS Tomcat


Message from the Site Admin and Commander of the USS Tomcat

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Captain J. Somers

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USS Tomcat