USS Tomcat NCC - 62114 

Akira Class Marine Subtype Light Carrier/Support Ship

"Fortune Favours the Bold" - Virgil 1st Century BC


About the simulation.....


2387 In the wake of the Hobus incident which destroyed Romulus and Remus aid shipments to the Romulan people are continually intercepted by Nausicaan Pirates and a host of other Criminal organisations among these are the Orion Syndicate who has a hand in everything. The USS Tomcat newly assigned to the Neutral Zone and arrives at the Starfleet Base in the Tarod System to obtain further Orders for their new Patrol duty area. With a mix of Fleet and Marine Officers serving on the ship the adventure should prove to be a very interesting one as the crew will be dealing with a majority of known races and a few unknown.


2388 With its new the assignment the USS Tomcat is tasked with mapping the Hydaransz System, it is a large system that is plagued by astronomical oddities, preventing long range communications and hindering short range sensors both normal and Tactical. The crew have almost overcome the communications issue, but still a Comms probe is required to speak to the Fleet High Command outside of the system. To date the Outer Planet Hydaransz IX with its orbital Platforms and ground stations that Mine Deuterium are under the control of Starfleet as is one of the Class M Moons around Hydaransz VIII, this base holds Alpha Unit Marines from the USS Tomcat. As the ships is on an extended mission this move eases up on the ships resources.


Two years into the mission of the USS Tomcat under its new Commander and all but one planet around Hydara 8 has been captured or pacified, the Hydara system was a Pirate stronghold, but as the Intrepid crew move to the inner planets one can only wonder what awaits these intrepid Starfleet Officers. The Ships Commander Colonel Jasmine Somers is eager to complete the Hydaransz System mapping so she can take her ship to another assignment, but like her ancestors before her, when she has started something she must finish it.


2389 - Jan - May Two years after the ship set out on its maiden voyage the Crew of the USS Tomcat begin to map the Inner planets of the Hydaransz system unaware of what dangers may await them...... Hydaransz System Mission Part 1 ended



2390 - 2391 Now with a new mission the crew of the USS Tomcat are sent out to the far distant system Galen which has 2 bordering Empires and a minor power around it. This will take place in the Galen system and around and on Galen IV.

2392 With the Galen IV mission now behind them and the Tomcat picking up a long forgotten stray the ships and crew head back to Starbase 39 Sierra for resupply and minor repairs. After the ships resupply and restock the USS Tomcat is sent back out again, but this time out to unexplored space. As they begin their exploration not knowing what dangers await them Starfleet commissions a new Starbase for them to operate from out in the Mira Sector which the closest system is Galen IV and the nearest major Federation member are the Xindi.

Welcome to the USS Tomcat - Akira Class Cruiser.


So if you are looking for adventure then please join us, you must be 16+ to simm with us, if you are younger than this please get a parents permission as sometimes harsh words are used.