USS Tomcat NCC - 62114 

Akira Class Marine Subtype Light Carrier/Support Ship

Commanding Officer

Captain Jasmine Lynne Somers former SFMC and founder of the 95th Rifles in the 24th Century and ship commander. After serving on other ships as either Fleet Officer or Marine Officer, she was offered a ship to command, upon taking Command of the USS Tomcat she was granted the rank of Lieutenant Commander and this is where her real story starts.

First Officer/Chief Science Officer

Commander Maia Aroura Sterling came to the tomcat as a Science Lieutenant, due to attrition on their last mission she rose through the ranks quickly and made Second Officer until the last first Officer Left allowing her to be granted the First Officer position and has since proven herself in this role.

Helm/Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant  Paul Winchester came to the Tomcat as the ships Commander Air Group, but due to a flight accident causing the loss of his arm, he was then shifted to Helm Officer and into the Intelligence department as eaven with a false arm, his time as a fighter pilot is over. Now he has to show what he can do as CHO and Intelligence Officer.



Lieutenant Jg Iria Walon is of the little known Isisian species. They are a semi-nomadic race that generally look humanoid, they can shape change into a cat usually a cat the size of a human house cat. From a distance they look human, but look closely at their eyes and you will see that they are not. Most of their species has some form of telepathy, while strong among their own kind, its closer to Betazoid Empathy where other species are concerned.

Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill is yet another new Crewmember on the USS Tomcat, she has come aboard as the ships new Chief Medical Officer. since coming aboard she has sone quite well for herself.

Chief Security Officer

1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin is the new CoS/CTO aboard the USS Tomcat, as she is new, not much is known about her at this moment in time.

Dept CMO/Counsellor

Lieutenant Amiri Aldana MD is a hermaphrodite humanoid that travels with two cannine species and has the ability to mentally talk with them, this type of telepathy is rare and as such Aldana cannot telepathically converse with any other humanoid with telepathic ability.

Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Remington Dodd is not as new to the ship as others, he has been on the Tomcat for sometime and has since proven himself a worthy capable officer and commands the ships Engineering Department.

Science Officer

Ensign K'Muss is a standard Catian species, currently not much is currently known about him, but he is new to the ship and assigned as a Science Officer after doing a stint as CoS/Tactical. His secondary duties include manning Sensor/Environmental systems from the bridge and working with ships Security.


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Assistant Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Jg Nicole Taggert id the ships Assistant Chief Engineer, like Lieutenant Dodd she too has proven herself and has also not been on the ship that long but has proved a capable officer.