USS Tomcat NCC - 62114 

Akira Class Marine Subtype Light Carrier/Support Ship

Season 1 - Mission 1 Arrival


Upon receiving confirmation of her new Command Major Somers decides that a short shake down cruise is in order, as it will allow for some minor adjustments for the crew. Along the way a Distress Call is received from a Federation Freighter, which had been attacked by a Romulan Warbird, arriving at the location which was just inside the Federation border to the Neutral Zone, as they arrive a familiar shape decloaks. Utopia Planita Shipyards – Three months after COs training after being reassigned upon the heels of the USS Invincible being put into Dry dock, Major Jasmine Somers stands in the waiting area looking at the Invincible as it is given a long over needed maintenance, She then looks over to the other side and sees her new Command the Akira Class USS Tomcat, she could only admit to herself that she was edgy about her first command.

After leaving space dock and while enroute to Deep Space 10 the Tomcat recieves a distress call from a Federation freighter whoes call is cut off and is adrift 5 miles inside the Federation border to the Neutral Zone and has been on the recieving end of some weapons fire. Going in at Yellow Alert, the Crew of the Tomcat get close enough and a D'Deridex Warbird decloaks, a very old and gruff Romulan Vice Admiral hails the ship. The Marine Medic on Bridge Duty scans the bridge of the Romulan ship and finds the Vice Admiral alone and suffering from Bendii syndrome. The CMO two Marine medics and a four man Security detail beam over and tend to the Vice Admiral.

The CO contacts Starfleet HQ on Earth and asks for a mediator to sort what has happened out, and requesting that a diplomatic courier and proper medical vessel and some escorts be dispatched to Tomcats location to take over from the Tomcat. From there the Tomcat continues its journey to Deep Space 10 to report in and announce its readiness and that it is now on station.

Season 1 - Mission 2 - A New Duty


Mission Info:-

Status: Completed Mission


Shortly after a joint Taskforce 47 Mission has been completed, the USS Tomcat is reassigned to Taskforce 93 and has to journey to Deep Space 6 to recieve orders.

Mission Group: Season 1

Start Date: Thu Sep 8th, 2011 @ 3:04pm
End Date: Mon Oct 10th, 2011 @ 3:04pm

Mission Summary:

Shortly after completing the Joint Taskforce Mission with Taskforce 47 the USS Tomcat is ordered to Deep Space 6, enroute Major Somers learns that she and her ship are now reassigned to Taskforce 93 under the Command of Rear Admiral Kara Thrace. Despite most of her crew having experience with the Neutral Zone, no one can quite expect. Upon arriving at Deep Space 6 and Major Somers is requested in the Taskforce COs Office, where she is given a basic brief on what area she is to protect and patrol.


Season 1 - Mission 3 To Boldly Go


This Mission is essentially an Extension of Mission 2, due to Mission 2 being such a long Chapter and it was completed on NOVA/SMS, before the Tomcat returned to Play By Forum.

Season 1 - Mission 4-5 : Forward The Brave

Mission Info:-

Status: Completed Mission


The Crew of the USS Tomcat after a short trip back to the Tarod Starbase to restock and replenish its equipment and get some minor repairs will after a short time return back to the Hydaransz System, where they will complete the job of taking Hydaransz IX Planet Deuterium Facilities from the Pirates. Then the other habital Moons around Hydaransz VIII will be cleared of all Pirates. The Pirate Base in the Asteroid field will be taken away from the Pirates.

Mission Group: Season 1
Start Date: Thu Mar 1st, 2012 @ 2:07pm
End Date: Fri Jan 4th, 2013 @ 2:07pm

Mission Summary:-


The USS Tomcat arrives back in the Hydaransz System, its crew still in shock on hearing of the Hobus Explosion and the loss of most of the Romulan planets. Fearing the Pirates may become bolder and begin raiding the Aid convoys going to the Romulan system have allowed the Tomcat to remain on duty in the Hydaransz System, if only to keep the Pirates busy, taking with them four Transports, three contained Starfleet Marines, the fourth Personnel for the Starbase. These troop transports would be placed on Moon Base Alpha, until the outer system was made safe.

For the immediate future the Hydaransz System was considered hostile territory, there will eventually be Only two operational Moonbases. The other four Class M Moon bases will be captured and left on Automatic defence, to fend off any returning Pirates and will also act as training grounds for the Marines.


1. Space Station to be Captured
2. Remaining Five Moons cleared
3. Hydara 9 Deuterium Facilities captured.

More additial sub missions within this one as a whole.
Season 2 Episode 1: An Old Enemy

Status:  Completed Mission


After completing their last duty for the moment in the Hydaransz System, the Crew of the USS Tomcat head out of the troubled area of space and back into friendly territory, they put in at Starbase 39 Sierra for a small referbishment. while the ship is in dock Commander Jasmine Somers heads to the Admiral's Office to speak to her Superior about any new missions.

Jasmine entered the Admirals office "You have a new Mission for me Admiral?" She asked.

Looking at the Commander "You cant take the Uniform off the Marine, but you cannot take the Marine out, you are as direct as ever I see" The Admiral intoned.

"Well it is easier to get straight to the point than to beat around the bush" Jasmine said.

The Admiral smiled hiding the fact that she was unfamiliar with a term the Commander had just used. "I like directness, means no messing about; yes Commander I have a mission for you. It seems that we are to take up arms against Orion slavers and Pirates, you will take the Tomcat out to Galen system it borders Talarian space. It was the Talarian's who grudgingly asked for our help as not only their settlers have been captured or gone missing so have Federation citizens and some other species. I have just transferred all available data over to your Padd, you will brief your crew enroute, but get there soon as you can, our Klingon allies will have a small taskforce in the sector ready to assist should you need them, our assets are needed elsewhere, any questions?"

"None Admiral, I assume this is to start the moment the minor referbishment is over and done with?"

Looking at the woman the Admiral suddenly realized that she had been on duty in the Hydaransz system, an area that still needed to be completed and the young woman before her had some losses, but had gotten Starfleet a foothold in that system, so a small refit was understandable. "Yes of course, Commander, dismissed" the Admiral said and watched the young woman leave, before returning to her work.
Season 2 - Episode 2: The New Frontier

Status:  Completed Mission

The USS Tomcat is assigned to obtain further data on a System designated UXSys 2355874 out in unclaimed space which is near Xindi space and in front of the Mira Sector of Federation space. An old Borg trace energy signature can be detected, but is vary faint. Also past exploration ships never bother to give the system a name but there is a Pre-Warp Civilization on the 4th planet from the systems largest of its binary stars the terrestrial planet is a Class M so the Prime Directive is in effect.
Season 2 Episode 3: Return to Hydaransz

Status:  Completed Mission


A Year or more after an aborted mission into the Hydaransz system the USS Tomcat lost a few good men and the extra marines they had with them most had been lost. However, in the end, they managed to capture a Cardassian-built Starbase they called Omega and since then they had managed to secure the outer system, which included the Deuterium Mines. There is a heavy presence of Federation Alliance members there this includes the Klingon’s. For some a return here will have a bad memory for others it will be an experience.

Two Years after serious losses the crew of the USS Tomcat return to the Hydaransz system to finish what they had began two years previously. Last time they had been here, they faced cyborg type beings, these were not like the Borg; but crude cyborgs that were mindless if not linked to some hive type mind, and the crew never did find the source or rather their leader. By the time, they had finished the outer system planets were mapped and secured now the ship with the most experience will be sent into the inner system not knowing what dangers await them.

But they will meet the architect of the first incursion by Starfleet forces and with the system being in Federation space but on the border between the Romulan Star Empire and Klingon Empires the system is not known to be a safe haven. Also recent reports of numerous incursions of Orion Pirates and Orion Syndicate trying to get a foot in the system, the Syndicate were working through legal means for once, the Pirates and slavers were not. However, on the M-Class Planet, a surprise awaits for the crew of the Tomcat, one that they had no idea existed.
Season 2 Episode 4: When Realities Collide

Status: Completed Mission


The USS Tomcat and her crew find themselves in an alternate reality where the Federation is practically non-existent and Starfleet is a Shadow of its former self. The mission takes place around the Xindi system as it is the last bastion of the Federation, Donovan who came from this reality give all the crew a briefing.

While en-route back to the nearest Starbase, the Tomcat encounters a spatial rupture and a strong gravity, then the next thing they know they are still in the same area but they are surrounded by hulls of destroyed Klingon and Starfleet ships, as they move on they approach the New Xindus system and a distress call from the system. Upon arriving they encounter a squadron of Jem Hadar and Breen fighters and manage to defeat them, upon scanning the system, they find a desolate and arid planet that was once a water world and an away team beaming down finds skeletal remains of Xindi-Aquatics Species. Moving into range, of Xindus 3 they find three surviving races still fighting Dominion troops alongside the last of Starfleet forces and Klingon shock troops.

Tholian’s in this reality are benign and offer current information and help to the lost crew of the Tomcat and the only ones who could help the Tomcat crew return to their reality via a captured Tholian reality shift device. The type of device they used to phase shift the USS Defiant a Constitution Class during Kirk’s time in our reality. In her quarters, Donovan is trying to catch up still on this realities history when her interface begins displaying familiar information, she scans the data and pulls up all info and she becomes extremely worried and rushes onto the bridge surprising all on it and giving a brief warning before rushing off!

Inquisition ensues in the Staff briefing…….

After hiding in a safe area to assess their situation and to come up with a plan of action, they get a distress call from New Xindus. The Xindi with the last of Starfleet marines and fleet officers have been fighting on since the fall of the Federation. What is also discovered by the Medical Department is that someone from our reality is hiding in the forests of the Xindi-Primates homeworld, their biosignature, is from our reality, but the age of this person is around the 50ish mark and will be somewhat traumatised and wearing Starfleet Grey tattered uniform. The Crew would have to repel boarders against Jem’Hadar troops after some decks lose power, ideal conditions for those on the ship who can see in the dark as if it were daylight and could secure a key area of the ship.

Status: Completed


The Tomcat is assigned to explore a planet that once housed a colony of the Xindi Avian Species due to some abnormal readings coming from the planet. What happens is an away team consisting of Dodd, Donovan. and at least five others (a member of the archeology team, a member of the geological team, a member of the Intelligence team, another engineer - Tjaansz, and maybe a member of security) are on the surface and somehow fall into a rupture in time and are suddenly stuck in the past of the planet and become prisoners of the Avian Xindi. And thus have to figure out how to get back home to the correct moment in time as to not disrupt history and start a war.

While docked back at Starbase 51 after their alternate reality mission, Starfleet detects some abnormal activity in a part of the Xindi Sector, which had been abandoned by the species. It turns out the planet in question was once inhabited by the Xindi Species and so the Tomcat is tasked with investigating this abnormal activity and after arriving send down an away team of Dodd, Donovan as the lead and advising officers respectively. When on the planet the team finally discovers some ruins of what seemed to have once been an important building and it still had some active technology which was the readings detected by Starfleet's long-range sensors in the sector, as the team goes about its tasks and examining the extremely old technology. As Dodd and Donovan are discussing how to go about things, a time rift opens up causing the doorway to collapse trapping the team inside and the time rift sucks the away team into it.

The Tomcat picking up these readings and finds that they cannot detect the Away team and multiple failed attempts to contact them receive only static. Suddenly the sensors detect a Time anomaly for a brief moment before it vanishes, giving them an idea of what happened to the away team led by Lieutenant Dodd. The Away Team when in the past have to remember the newly created Temporal Prime Directive and try not to interfere with time, but like all best intentions they go astray when they are all taken captive. In the Past, the Avian's are a thriving species and the away Team find out that they are 3000 years in the past and work on a way to get word to the Tomcat in the future to come get them. So Lieutenant Dodd figured out that if they set up a Commbadge and a Padd one an intermittent S.O.S signal then it should reach the Tomcat in the future, they use what they had on hand and program in some of their DNA and that of the crewmember who sacrificed themselves to plant the beacon in a safe spot.

Eventually, the Young Q makes himself known to the crew of the Tomcat and taunts them on how feeble their attempts are and eventually the young crew brings the away team back explaining that he was experimenting with Federation History and wanted to have some fun with the away team.

The Mission was created by Lieutenant Remington Dodd Chief Engineer on the USS Tomcat