USS Tomcat NCC - 62114 

Akira Class Marine Subtype Light Carrier/Support Ship

Leave None Behind - Licentia nullus Secundum


Background on fighter Combat Wing

The 30th Starfighter Wing came into being when its then new commanding Officer Major Jasmine Somers too command of the ship. She had a vision of the type of squadron she wanted on her New Command, so having the Tomcat an Akira Class modified to her specifications she lost 1000 Evac Space, but considering what her plans were, that space could be used elsewhere. With the space for a new Combat Fighter Wing in place the ships new Commander looked to increasing the number of fighter Squadrons for the ship.

The old fighters that were initially on the ship were replaced by Valkyrie Class Fighters and instead of two small squadrons numbering nine ships per squadron due to the size of those ships and with the smaller Valkyrie class and the added space the two Squadrons already stationed on the Tomcat were renamed to the 100th Attack Squadron and the 101st Attack Squadron. Both were brought up to 12 fighters in each Squadron and a third was added, this one was experimental as it consisted of only Klingons and it became known as the 102nd Attack Squadron. All the Klingon's in this Squadron had to sign the articles of Combat that pertained to Starfleet Protocol, as the Somers family name was respected in Klingon circles and on the High Council it was agreed and the first Starfleet Klingon Squadron came into operation.

All three Squadrons finally saw Combat in the Hydaransz System, all but two suffered major attrition, one was the 102nd but their Pilots brought the squaron prestige in the victories their deaths obtained and another Victory accolade was placed on the Squadrons banner. After the Hydaransz System mission each Squadron was perminently consigned to three different Departments. the 100th Squadron became all Marines of the 95th Rifles, the 101st was all Fleet Officers and would be where the ships CAG would be chosen from. The 102nd was made an Elite Klingon Fighter Squadron and so it came to be that the 30th Starfighter Combat Wing became in of itself a Special Operations Wing perminently attached to the Tomcat, with a new frontier mission coming up their skills and mettle will once again be tested in matters they have yet to encounter, all are warriors and  Pilots and part of the Marine Corps and Starfleet Fighter Wing, when all is said and done they will get any job done.....

Squadron Discriptions are Below...

100th Squadron

101st Squadron

Squadrons Shoulder Patch

100th Attack Squadron - Raiders

The 100th Attack Squaron Callsign Raiders this is an all Fleet Officer fighter Squadron, there are no Marinesin this Squadron, but all Pilots are wildcards, they are the first to volunteer for any mission. Nine times out of ten they manage to complete any given mission with little or no losses, but once since they have been aboard the USS Tomcat the Squadron was wiped out to the last man while in the Hydaransz system, but not before they took out half the Pirate force attacking their Carrier ship.

All the Pilots from this Squadron were given the Medal of Valour Posthumously  and this Award was also given to the Squadron and to date is the only Squadron on the Tomcat to have the Medal of Valour on their Squadron Battle Honours.

Motto: Veneratio, Justica (Honour, Justice)

Squadrons Shoulder Patch

101st Attack Squadron - Rebels

The 101st Callsign is Rebels, are the Special Operations Squadron assigned to the USS Tomcat and as such each of the Pilots be they Fleet or Marine all wear the White Cord of Courage, showing that they are the Chosen Men of the 95th Rifle Regiments Combat Air Wing.

This Squadron is called upon for ground Attack duties and Ceremonial flights. But like the other two Squadrons on the USS Tomcat they also cover other Mission types also......

Motto: Victoria, vel Nex (Victory or Death)


Squadrons Shoulder Patch

102nd Attack Squadron - Reds

The 102nd are an All Klingon Squadron, the only one to serve on a Federation Starship. This is a test run Squadron, the Pilots have sworn to uphold the Federation Laws when flying under the Federation banner. But as they are Klingon Warriors their heritage goes lock-step with their oths to Starfleet Code of conduct on times.

All Klingon Pilots are from Well to do and noble houses, when this idea was proposed, Lieutenant Commander Jasmine Somers volunteered to have a Klingon fighter Squadron on her new Command. So it came to pass that an All Klingon Squadron was stationed on the USS Tomcat and unlike their fellow Rebel Squadron Pilots have survived mostly intact, but they have never really been tested in all out combat yet, much to their and the COs chargrin.


Motto: Porro, Fortis (Forward the Brave)

Squadron Wing Logos

102nd Attack Squadron